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Online Marketing and the Value of Curation

by Dave Wirsching on September 12, 2010

Most people wouldn’t even think twice about becoming a librarian, but what if I told you that those same skills are one of the best ways to become an authority on the web?

The Volume of Online Information is Overwhelming

The world of online marketing thrives on original content. More importantly, great content drives attention, visitors, and business results. It can literally make the difference between online success and failure.

Everyone wants to create – and many try their hand at it. The problem is most of it isn’t gaining attention or driving results. Spend an hour surfing web sites – you realize that most online effort is wasted.

The world is divided into content haves and have-nots

Some people can create content effortlessly. Others toil at it and are ultimately successful. But most people just aren’t able to produce interesting, entertaining, or game-changing content. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at creating items for online consumption, and it was too time consuming or you weren’t satisfied with the result. Maybe traditional content creation just isn’t your thing. That doesn’t mean you have to be one of the content “have-nots.”

The ‘Net Needs Curators

Millions of web pages, videos and other pieces of information are being created every day. It’s a torrent of information that no individual can hope to navigate.

My previous post – Become a Destination by Building an Online List is an example of an easy way to become a curator. Curators fill the need to help make sense and organize the stream of information “flowing” past on the internet every second.

Curation builds content.

The product of a curator itself becomes content. The items, web pages, lists or other things you collect are seen by others as content – you’ve joined the”exclusive” set of a creators! Better yet, the host of any party tends to be the center of attention – you’ve started to build an audience and a reputation.

But curation isn’t just collecting web links – it can be much more. Curators can also expand into bringing like minded people together or building a community of interest.

What can you curate? What are your favorite sites for curated information?

Stop by later this week for my take on curation and local marketing.

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