Help Disaster Relief with a Simple Message on your Website

by Dave Wirsching on March 13, 2011

Want to use your website or blog to help the disaster relief effort in Japan? We just finished a quick project helping Community First Abstract add a message bar to the top of every one of their web pages. All it takes is adding a little bit of code to your website. The quick steps:

  1. Visit Hello Bar and register for an invitation – they are providing invitation codes for Japan relief here
  2. Identify who you’d like to support (visit Community First Abstract’s Japan Relief Page for some links)
  3. Create a landing page if you want to provide more than one link (use the link above for ideas, feel free to borrow)
  4. Write your hello bar message, create or pick a link, and pick the colors for your bar
  5. Go to Hello Bar and create your message – see our how to video.
  6. Place the Hello Bar code snippet on your entire website or a single page – we’ve created a video with instructions on how to place the Hello Bar code on a Joomla content management site and will post instructions for WordPress soon.
  7. Spread the word.

Let us know if you have any questions or issues getting your message up and running.

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