Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

by Dave Wirsching on May 2, 2012

We’ve been running a series of weekly articles with marketing ideas for small businesses on our Facebook Page. If you are already visited the page, thanks! If not, you should check it out.

Here’s a sample of what we share from a previous post:

Maintain – Keeping up with Changes. Things change. People change. Your market changes. Your business changes. But somehow your marketing collateral doesn’t keep up. Marketing materials should build trust. A sure way to kill your credibility is to have outdated or incorrect information representing your business. One of the biggest challenges for a small business is keeping everything up to date. But if you don’t, you risk losing credibility, and business.

What you can do: Make a list of ALL your marketing materials – websites, social profiles, printed materials, directory listings, and so on. Take your list and schedule periodic reviews of each item by placing them on your marketing calendar (I like quarterly, but semi-annual or annual is OK too). Set aside some “quiet time” and ask yourself the following questions:

      • Does this information accurately reflect my business operations?
      • Does it represent my unique value (or selling) proposition?
      • Is it in sync with the rest of my marketing materials?
      • If it has links, do the links still work and go where you want them to?

If you answer no to any of the questions, put that item on your to-do list for an update.

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Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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