Providing Value to your Audience

March 25, 2011

So you are building an audience online (see previous blog post on that topic). The relationship has started, but how can you make it stronger? You have to provide value.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to be on LinkedIn

April 27, 2010

People will sometimes refer to LinkedIn as your “online resume.” Frankly, it’s a disservice to what is a very powerful tool. The reach, the features, and reputation of LinkedIn can provide you with much, much more.

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Credibility Counts in Online Marketing

March 1, 2010

Too often I see individuals struggle with their online marketing efforts. Most of the time, the cause is immediately apparent. In fact is the first impression that’s causing the failure.

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LinkedIn Profile Basics

February 18, 2010

I recently pulled together some thoughts on LinkedIn profiles for a friend, and I thought I’d share them here with you:

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Five Steps to Become Visible on the Internet

December 29, 2009

Being invisible on the internet is going to get in the way of your small or medium business’ success.

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Can a Business be Invisible on the Internet and Thrive?

December 7, 2009

It used to be the mark of the seasoned and supremely confident small businessperson to casually remark “I don’t need the internet, I’ve done just fine for (insert number of years in business) without it.” While it might be possible for some businesses to survive without acknowledging the internet, in the coming years it will […]

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