The Value of Your List in Small Business Marketing

May 16, 2012

Don’t underestimate the value of your “list.” Your list is simply information about your customers or other key individuals (your audience) that you control. It allows you to reach out to them when you want to. In its simplest form, it could be a rolodex or the names in your contacts folder. As your audience […]

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Cub Reporter to Editor in Chief in 8 Easy Steps

December 15, 2008

In Managing your e-Publication for Success, I outlined the importance of the Editorial Calendar. Here are eight steps to starting an editorial calendar for your blog or other e-publication: 1. Set your agenda. Your publication should have definition – is it news, advice, opinion, or how to? Your agenda will guide you in the creation […]

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Are you Managing Your E-Publication for Success?

December 4, 2008

Submit the first post on your blog, or write your first e-newsletter – whether you like it or not, you’re officially a publisher. Congratulations! By the way, what’s your plan? Above all, you have to have content. There are great sites on developing content like copyblogger, but content won’t be enough. You have to manage […]

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